Gold Art srl is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an international non-profit association that brings together more than 1,100 companies operating throughout the supply chain that feeds the diamond, gold and platinum sector, from mining to retail trade. RJC members are committed to promote respect for ethics, human rights and the environment by adopting good social and environmental practices, transparently and throughout the supply chain. The purpose of this commitment is to offer credible guarantees both on the quality of the products and on the ethics of the production chain. The RJC has developed a certification system that all members must adhere to and compliance with which must be verified by an accredited certifier.

In order to improve the promotion and respect of these values, and with the aim of continuously improving the quality of its products and services, Gold Art srl has decided to implement an internal management system based on international standards of Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics.
We have formalized our quality and social responsibility policy and we will make available to customers and interested parties all the data useful to substantiate the results that our company will obtain.


Annual Report

Gold Art srl, in order to control and guarantee the continuous compliance with the OECD guidelines, annually carries out a due diligence towards its commercial partners (stakeholders); the last verification was carried out on 15/01/2024. Gold Art srl undertakes to prefer RJC and/or LBMA certified business partners and to promote RJC principles and compliance with OECD guidelines towards the remaining non-certified partners. The transactions considered during the periodic audits (internal and towards partners) are considered low risk and no non-conformities were found in relation to the RJC principles; no human rights risks were identified.


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