New trends and


The company’s great growth projects have led to the completion of its historical team with new managerial figures. By fully integrating themselves into the working environment and enhancing internal experience and skills they are contributing to a new, fresh and modern company organization, making the Group ever more prominent on the panorama of “branded” jewelry aimed at a final audience.

Made in Italy - Gold Art
Control and quality

Made in Italy

The Gold Art Group is based on rigorously “Made in Italy” design, technologies and manufacturing. Within the company, in fact, you can follow the production chain from start to finish, from design to strict quality control.

Showroom Gold Art
Digital innovation

New channels

Gold Art has chosen to invest and to look to the future with optimism and positivity. It has selected new virtual showcases, to communicate to customers and let them savor the extraordinarily luxurious world of the italian jewelry. Gold Art designs the future in the name of beauty, investing in multi-channel and innovation.


Continuing to create and experiment to produce high quality Made in Italy jewelry, enhancing the skills of master goldsmiths and always researching new cutting-edge technologies in full respect of the environment.


Be present on the international scene as a reference point for the production of gold jewelry and semi-finished products is the road that Gold Art has travelled since 1978, year of its foundation. Careful quality control combined with passion and the creation of unique and innovative designs is the key to our success.


Integrity, uniqueness, teamwork and customer focus are the cardinal principles on which our company is founded and which make it a leader in the goldsmith sector worldwide. Young people, considered an indispensable resource, represent the beating heart of the company, which looks forward to a future full of goals to be achieved and challenges to be overcome together.










Environmental sustainability is a core value of the Gold Art group, which has made it one of its cornerstones through cutting-edge plant technologies. An area of 3000 square meters of photovoltaic systems covers the roof of the company building, meeting 30% of our electricity needs.


At Gold Art, all business processes have been adapted to the needs of the digital age, where speed of execution and efficiency play a key role. The use of ALO Photo Sphere, a specific tool for photographing jewelry of any shape and volume, makes it possible to create a digital archive of all products manufactured. This facilitates research, stock management and speeds up the development of orders. Communication, which takes place synergistically on social networks, websites and through brochures and catalogues, is completely managed in-house thanks to the presence of the graphic designer and the marketing department.

ALO Photo Sphere - Goldart

Industry 4.0

Greater flexibility, increased productivity and process speed, better quality and less waste are all benefits of the introduction of Industry 4.0, which has led Gold Art to automated and interconnected industrial production. Thanks to the use of Internet-connected machinery, the operator is able to transfer orders arriving on the company’s management system directly to the machine that starts production. Once production is finished, the machine interfaces again with the management system and communicates the end of all operations. This continuous flow of man-machine communication helps simplify the production cycle, making the product more competitive.


Environmental sustainability is one of the cornerstones on which Gold Art is founded and which it constantly implements through state-of-the-art plant technologies. An area of 3,000 square meters of photovoltaic installations covers the company’s roof, meeting 40% of its electricity needs. The water used inside the plant is filtered, through special machinery, purified and evaporated, producing bi-distilled water that is reintroduced into the production cycle for galvanic processes, such as polishing, palladium, rhodium, galvanic colors and six types of gilding, as well as for the production of hydrogen and oxygen for welding processes.

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