From 1978

Our Story

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The origins

From the beginning, Gold Art established itself as a global leader in the goldsmith industry, rising to gain international recognition for its unique Made in Italy high quality workmanship.

Domenico Tavanti Gold Art

Gold Art Was Born


Gold Art was founded in 1978 by Domenico Tavanti. Very young, he decided to combine his artistic talent as a gold jewelry modeler with his innate entrepreneurial instinct.

Semilavorati Gold Art

Leading Company in Gold Spare Parts


Initially aimed at providing finished products for wholesalers, since 2000 Gold Art has also become a point of reference on the semi-finished product panorama.

Oro da Investimento Gold Art

Metal Bank License


In 2011 Gold Art obtained its metals bank license. This allows us to employ our know-how to the advantage of those wanting to invest in something solid: investment gold.

Falcinelli Italy

Falcinelli Italy Was Acquired


In 2012, we acquired Falcinelli Italy, a brand famous for its creative flair and the originality of the shapes given to its precious stones mounted on gold and enriched with diamonds.

Bracciali 7AR Gold Art

7AR Was Acquired


In 2013 we acquired the historic “7AR” brand, renowned for its bells and empty bracelets.

Negozio Tavanti Gold Art

Tavanti & Falcinelli Italy Project Began


In 2019, the most ambitious project began: to promote the Tavanti brand with exclusive collections in gold combining Gold Art’s important manufacturing know-how with the creative talent of Fabrizio Falcinelli, the Group’s designer, empowering the brand with a solid base and strong potential.

Negozio COI Gold Art

COI Boutique Was Acquired


In 2020 the group also acquired COI (Commercio Oreficeria Italiana) a Florence-based company and internationally renown medium-high level jewelry wholesaler.

“When passion burns, gold takes shape.”


From design to quality control


Technological innovation fits perfectly with the artisan tradition, through the expert hands of master goldsmiths who assemble the elements with artistry and passion, bringing to life unique and highly recognizable jewels.