A world made of

Gold and Precious Stones

Falcinelli Jewels was born in 1968 and immediately established itself as a jewelry maison of unique and contemporary taste.

Fabrizio Falcinelli, son of the founders of the parent company, dedicated himself from the outset to designing and exploring new forms, true and proper architectures. Also experimenting with new stone cuts, where the plays of color and proportions create real works of art. In 2012 Falcinelli became part of Gold Art group.

Le Carrousel:

a precious merry-go-round of colors

Jewelry with soft and refined lines, designed for all fashion addicts who never want to fall behind the trends of the moment. A precious merry-go-round of colors composed of 18-karat yellow gold jewelry, featuring a barrel-shaped element made of natural stones, gold and precious stones. 

Les Petits Bonbons:

modern and sophisticated design

Colors and shapes with contrasting shades: turquoise and rhodolite, amethyst and green onyx, citrine and smoke quartz, all mixed with diamonds. This collection represents small candies, sweet and soft, that will help you fix a total look dress up&down.

Le Secret:

a message of love

Each single object of this collection, holds a message, a thought, an inscription. For romantics and “never ending stories” lovers, for whom loving to wear products that enclose a meaning and a memory to cherish.

Les Bonbons:

lively and bright

Collection of rings of classic inspiration but with an architectural and original design that makes them unique and unforgettable. The exuberance of the decoration is balanced by the exquisite workmanship of the base of these beautiful jewels handcrafted in Italy.

“I love to see a woman adorn herself with my jewels, these objects of desire, architecture of grace, charm and technique.”


Extraordinarily luxurious