Work Areas

Manufacturing Area

The factory, the beating heart of the entire company, is where most of the employees are concentrated. To make the environment a relaxing place to work, great importance was given to color therapy: the floors are green, a color that recalls natural scenery, drives away anxiety and helps regain energy; the oven is white, which enlarges the space and gives brightness to the room. Thanks to the strategic position of the windows, placed high up to surround the entire room, natural light is free to enter, favoring visual relaxation and stimulating concentration.

Fabbrica Goldart
Forno Bianco - Goldart


To create an optimal working environment that stimulates creativity and concentration, all offices are characterized by large spaces in which the low density of staff in relation to space creates a comfortable and relaxed environment. Illuminated by large windows and furnished in soft colors that relax the eye, the workspaces are designed to promote the physical and mental well-being of each employee. Individual workstations equipped with every comfort, spacious meeting rooms and relaxation areas stimulate work organization, sharing and the continuous exchange of information.

Ufficio Goldart
Ufficio Dettaglio Goldart


Elegance and class meet within the walls of the showroom, an exhibition space furnished with luminous showcases in which the unique designs of the Tavanti and Falcinelli collections, brands of the Gold Art group, stand out. A meeting place, to welcome clients and to encounter colleagues, a place to display the result of our employees’ commitment. Admiring their creations creates a strong sense of pride in employees and fuels their sense of belonging and connection to the company.

Showroom Goldart
Showroom Goldart

Our added value:


The ability to innovate without giving up tradition and the strong link with the territory have always characterized our success.

Working at Gold Art means being part of a single team, projected towards the future, where people are the most important resource.