Elegance and

Refined Taste

Tavanti was born in Florence from the creativity and great experience of Domenico Tavanti and his wife Antonella Peruzzi, who have been working in the goldsmith sector with passion and dedication since 1978. Founders of Gold Art Group, the couple decided to put their art and their know-how at the service of the final customers, creating exclusive collections branded with their family name.


deep relationship

Created to celebrate all the relationships that shape our lives. A collection that blends the charm of 18-karat yellow gold with the modernity of enamels that characterize, with their bright colors, the sides of three-dimensional elements that join as if in an embrace. 


the origin of elegance

Be inspired by the infinite versatility offered by Giove collection, where a touch of irreverent creativity links gold with circular elements illuminated by vibrant colored stones or, in the new versions, with diamonds pavé.


to enhance every woman

Elegant, precious, simply “Unica”. Jewels intended to enhance every woman, to remind her about her uniqueness, about her beauty that goes beyond perfection; to accompany her every day, between joys and challenges, to remind her to always be proud of herself.


the pureness of a shape

The essence of a simple and complete circle. Declined in the absolute white, turquoise, blue and green colors. The shapes pureness creates an object of modern taste, enhanced by the details and cleanness of the diamonds.

Jewels with

Innovative Design